Starbucks #Baristas Spell Your Name Incorrectly – Explained

I don’t go to Starbucks very often for anything, I make my own delicious coffee. Even someone as infrequent as myself has seen and heard of some seemingly reckless misheard or #MisspelledNames on cups and this explanation is…… satisfying. Unsure how true it is but delightful, none the less.

Spoiler Alert: It’s on purpose.
What’s YOUR best Starbucks story?

Based on an article by John Purcell []

Agitators is a series about people who love to commit small acts of evil.

Director/DP/Co-Editor: T.J. Misny []
Starring, Produced, and Adapted by Paul Gale []
Gessika: Akilah Hughes []
Nykal: Alfred Rosenblatt
Soozee: Ali Vingiano []
Barista #2: Lauren Ireland []
Valluru: V.B. Rao
Nykal’s Wife: Mimi Fischer
Patrons: JuzDin Chuson [], Kimberly Dolcin, Willola M. Ashley, Brian Higgs, John Ortega, Rhonda & Jan Gale, and Diana Kris.

AD: Ted Schaefer
1st ACs: Chris Ungco + Alex Purifoy
2nd AC: Jay Parks
Gaffer: Brian McCann
Key Grip: Gordon Christmas
Sound Recordists: Max Futterman + Sascha Larco
Sound Design: Hunter Berk
Animation: Josh “Skull” Dixon
PA: Hannah Caggiano
Makeup: Aigner Smith
Colorist: T.J. Misny
Location: Bean & Bean

Special Thanks: Rhonda & Jan Gale, Mel Gibbon, Handheld Films, Arri, Jenny & Joseph from Bean & Bean, MTV, Chris Chan Roberson, BuzzCo Animation, and Ed Mundy.

Shot on an Arri Alexa with Cooke 5/i Lenses.


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