Pumpcast News on Jay Leno gets a Delightful Surprise

I don’t watch the Jay Leno show on a regular basis, and only happened to have caught this clip by stumbling around.

They apparently have a segment called, “Gas Pump News” where they talk to random people at gas pumps, and entice them with free gas to do crazy stunts. I don’t know if this is their first attempt, or if they do this all day long, and just happened to come across this guy, but I am pretty sure it is the latter of the two options.

Regardless, this couple shows up the pump and is offered free gas of they do some karaoke singing. The guy immediately jumps in and starts singing Bon Jovi’s, “Living on a Prayer” and stuns the entire audience.

His wife, embarrassed to no end, is then pulled out of the car to join on. All in all, an interesting idea that ended up being a delightful hit.