Original New Iron Man Song

“I Love You Iron Man” is a new and beautifully self aware original song brought to us by the good folks at Cinefix.
I can’t say enough about the quality of this and their ‘Back to the Future: The Musical’ video/song as well.


My heart, it glows. And baby, my love for you only grows
There will never be, a me without you and a you without me
No use denying, the one I love…
Is Iron Man, Iron Man
I love you Iron Man (that’s me)
Yes I’m singing a song about myself to myself
What’s not to love? Flyin’ ’round in my suit, shooting bad guys with my glove
Who can resist? I’m a genius billionaire, playboy philanthropist
This is not a fantasy, I feel the world rely on me
A metallic saint from above
I lie awake those lonely nights, a hero’s quest has taken flight
I’ve finally found my one true love
It’s Iron Man
I’m an Iron Man
I love you Iron Man
I’m iron and I’m a man
Oh-oh. I’m iron on the outside but inside I’m only a man