• 2014 May Best Vines And The Mountain Of Watermelon

    Best Vines of May 2014
    From the most brutal vines to the most hilarious skits of all time, Laughing Riot strives to keep you on the less serious side of life for as long as possible. Adult Content Abound! (Viewer Discretion Advised)
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    Best VINE of November 2013 Compilation!
    Funny Vine Time – Polar Bears Be Like – Animals & Pranks

  • What Are Mudskippers And Why Are They Yelling?

    Mudskippers screaming in each other’s faces.

  • 2014 February Vine Compilation


  • 2014 January Vine Compilation

    Vine Compilation January 2014 – Best Vines – Funny Vines

  • Rough Treatment Vine Compilation

    We have some Rough Treatment Vine Compilation goodness.
    Take a minute to cheer yourself up. You deserve it.

  • You’ve hit the Vine Lottery!!!

    Remember when you hit the vine lottery?
    It was just now.  Your jackpot is 11 minutes of awesome.
    Possibly the best Vine Compilation on earth!!
    Share it with your friends, you’ll have something to talk about at the next… picnic or whatever you get together for.

  • Best VINES of 2013 – 77 Vines

    need seventy seven, 6 1/2 second pieces of awesome!?!?!?!
    Here ya go.
    All the vines you could want, and more. Best of the best is coming your way