• Standup Comedy – Mitch Hedberg – Genius Comedian

    Best Stand up Comedy ever by R.I.P Mitch Hedberg
    RIP Mitch Hedberg a great stand up comedian.
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  • Mitch Hedberg – Sees the World Through Rose Colored Glasses

    Oh man, how much I miss Mitch Hedburg. Always a great comedian, and referred to as the man who sees the world through Rose Colored Glasses. This video shows off a random recording of a five minute set that he had, with him showing off his humor as a docipede.

  • Mitch Hedburg Performing for his Standup Special, “On the Edge”

    Oh man, I miss Mitch. He was freaking awesome to watch, and always entertaining to listen to. Check out this footage of him doing standup at “On the Edge”


Mitch Hedburg