Real Life Dinosaur Scare Prank

Hilarious Jurassic Park-style “Japanese Dinosaur Prank” Game Show Stunt

Japanese TV gameshows are notoriously barmy, but this could just be the best prank to date. This video show Japanese office worker terrified by “dinosaur’ on TV Show. A hapless office worker gets the shock of his life when he is suddenly confronted by a Jurassic Park-style dinosaur. The man is first seen calmly sauntering down the corridor with a cup of coffee in his hand. He then notices fellow workers running from something and, from the look on his face, begins to realise something is wrong. But when a man wearing a dinosaur suit – that looks like the vicious Raptors from the Jurassic Park films – pokes his head around the corner he nearly jumps out of his skin.The terrified man bolts down the corridor stumbling several times along the way as he desperately tries to escape. Unfortunately for him he failed to notice the dinosaur was wearing jeans. The unlucky office workers stumbles as he tries to escape the dinosaur suit wearing prankster. Watch the video to see more ….


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