• The Horror of Jeggings & Other Trends – CollegeHumor

    The Problem with Jeggings
    25 Things You Say During Sex.
    Nudity is not a style.

  • You Realize What Would Happen IF Man “Obeyed God”… Right?

    You Realize What Would Happen IF Man “Obeyed God”?
    What if original sin had never occurred? I think you’ll find that the
    fantasy concept known as “sin” is actually quite integral to our
    physical structure and success as a species. So, whether you take
    Genesis literally or not – if you believe we were designed by God – who
    is truly to blame for our “nature”?
    After Pat Robertson explained
    that the earth is more than 6000 years old, using dinosaur bones as
    evidence, Ian Juby responded by [...]

  • The Fart Compilation of the Century

    You didn’t know you wanted to see the best fart compilation of the century “Butt” know you’re glad you did.
    I’m not even much of a ‘fart-joke’ kind of person and from the first 2 seconds I was in for the whole three minutes.